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We offer various services like:

  1. In house Stress Relief Annealing facilities for Ad. Brass, Aluminium-Brass, Carbon Steel Fin Tubes, to avoid Stress Corrosion failures. The Stress Relief Annealing Temperature can be in the range of 250 C to 700 C, maxmimum upto a Tube Length of 20 Meters.
  2. "U" Bending right from 23mm Radius to a maximum of 710mm Radius, for Fin "U" Bundles.
  3. Mercurious Nitrate Test to detect any cracks after finning and Stress Relief Annealing process.
  4. Die Penetrant Test of "U" Bend zone, to detect any mirco-line cracks at `U’ Bend zone.
  5. Magnetic Practical Test of "U" Bend zone, again to detect any mirco-line cracks.
  6. Hydraulic Pressure Test upto 275 Kg/Cm2.
  7. Air under water (Pneumatic) Pressure Test upto 250 PSIG.
  8. Profile Projector (10x, 25x) for correct and accurate measurement of fin profile.